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2018 Tournaments by Location

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2018 Tournaments by Date
Chaperone Responsibilities
SRJ Financial Agreement

Required Gear
  • BLACK Spandex
  • VB Shoes (neutral - black/white/grey)
  • Black Socks
  • Black Kneepads

Please keep in mind that when viewing the locations of the tournaments, those CAN change.  As tournaments finalize sizes and pools, they may adjust facilities, just as we do.  Most tournament directors will send out info the week or so before the tournament.  At that time, each team's chaperone and/or coach will get you the exact details, if they are not already known.  -Thanks.

Every season we receive questions from families on how to navigate through the tryout process. We have created some YouTube tutorials to help answer some of those questions and provide you with some helpful tips so the players can have the best possible experience for this upcoming club season.
Below you will find links to a few of these tutorials. Feel free to watch at your convenience and share with friends!
Tutorial Links:
How to Register for a USAV Membership in ...the ERVA
• NEW or Returning member registration tutorial
• Membership Options available and which ones to choose
How to Prepare for Tryouts
• How to select clubs to tryout for
• Questions to ask clubs
• Paperwork to bring to tryouts
ERVA Offer & Acceptance Process
• How clubs will present offers to play on one of their teams
• Rules and policies clubs must follow on offers
• How to select a club once presented an offer